A little bit of Connecticut in Texas

This must be my month for all things Texas.

First, I stepped out the door of my Connecticut home at the end of September, boarded a plane, and landed in Austin, TX for a long overdue visit with my daughter.

I LOVE Austin. I love the adorable neighborhoods with bungalow style homes. I love the Congress Avenue “Bat” Bridge. I love Patrizi’s Food Truck. I love Gourdough’s BIG. FAT. DONUTS. Mostly, I love my daughter and am glad she lives somewhere so fabulous!

Then, to my surprise, Texas appeared in my life again this week. I learned that one of my books, Share the Moon, is listed in the Kilgore Texas News Herald as #3 for books set in Connecticut (as reported on Goodreads website)!!

The setting for Share the Moon is inspired by an area just north of me in Litchfield County where there are beautiful lakes, rolling hills, gorgeous homes, and serene wineries. It’s a place my husband and I go quite a bit to breathe in the country air and admire the small towns. It might be far away from larger-than-life Texas (everything really is bigger there!), but I’m delighted to see Share the Moon listed in one of their newspapers and hope my story introduces our smaller (and equally beautiful) state to some new readers.

Sometimes trust is the toughest lesson to learn.

Sophie Shaw is days away from signing a contract that will fulfill her dream of owning a vineyard. For her, it’s a chance to restart her life and put past tragedies to rest. But Duncan Jamieson’s counter offer blows hers out to sea. Duncan still finds Sophie as appealing as he had during boyhood vacations to the lake. Older and wiser now, he has his own reasons for wanting the land. His offer, however, hinges on a zoning change approval. Bribery rumors threaten the deal and make Sophie wary of Duncan, yet she cannot deny his appeal. When her journalistic research uncovers a Jamieson family secret, trust becomes the hardest lesson for them both.

“Struth has a gift for layering stories within stories while keeping them all connected.”–Library Journal

“Sharon Struth writes a good story about love and loss. She knows her characters and has a path she wants them to take.”–Eye on Romance

A Barnes & Noble Romance Bestseller

InD’tales RONE Finalist

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