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I’ve been anxiously waiting for 11/20/18 and it’s finally here! The last book in my Sweet Life Novels releases today and I’m so excited to share this book with you. Where THE SWEET LIFE is set in Tuscany, and WILLOW’S WAY in the English countryside, SAVING ANNA travels to Germany’s breathtaking Rhineland region.

Before I introduce SAVING ANNA, a mention that today is the final day of a 99 cent ebook sale on WILLOW’S WAY. (I’ll share a little bit more about this title below). Now, without further adieu….

Saving Anna


Germany’s sparkling Rhineland is the perfect place for a fresh start . . .

Warming people’s hearts with true accounts of kindness is what columnist Anna Kelly does best. But no one knows the private misery she endures in her abusive marriage. Still, leaving is difficult—until a deeply personal bequest from a beloved elderly neighbor compels Anna to travel to Germany. There she begins an unexpected adventure of paying it forward that will take her far from her complicated life in Brooklyn.

Arriving in the historic and picturesque city of Mainz, on the breathtaking Rhine River, Anna settles in at a cozy guesthouse filled with colorful residents. But fulfilling her task will require the help of a translator and knowledgeable guide.

Josef Schmitt will gladly shuttle the American visitor around if it distracts him from his dark thoughts. Ever since a serious accident sidelined him at the local excursions company, he’s been unable to forget the pain he caused or forgive himself. Now, accompanying Anna on her mission takes them both to surprising places—and they just may find the courage to truly set themselves free. . .

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What readers are saying about Saving Anna:

“Saving Anna” is a lovely journey, starring two appealing characters with believable backstories and a genuine chemistry that heats up the prose. Genuine, every-day courage is on full display here: Ms. Struth treats the always uncomfortable subject of domestic violence with sensitivity, and Josef’s survivor’s guilt is also given fair treatment. Germany’s sparkling Rhineland, with its quaint little cities and fairy-tale castles, is the setting for this story of healing and hope. It’s a refreshing change from the usual locations for romantic novels and Ms. Struth’s descriptive settings will have readers longing to take a journey of their own.”~ In’Dtale Magazine Crowned Review

Ms. Struth has done a wonderful job in capturing the emotions and conflicts Anna goes through as she attempts to start a new life. She also draws a wonderful picture of what life was like for the Jews in Germany during the time of World War II as Anna and Josef search for Isaak’s friend. What a remarkable book!” ~Long and Short Reviews

I loved SAVING ANNA, a powerful story of the strength of the human spirit told in a gentle tone…As in her other books, but in SAVING ANNA even more so, the author handles some heavy topics with a deftness that is fresh and hopeful. I highly recommend SAVING ANNA. It is at once entertaining, enriching, and thought-provoking, with characters you won’t want to say goodbye to.” ~ Goodreads 5-Star Review

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rsz_willowswayFinal day to get

WILLOW’S WAY for 99 cents… (ebook)

Grab this Reader’s Favorite Book Award Winner at the discounted price while you can. Sale ends at midnight 11/20/18…

The breathtaking promise of the English countryside can lift even the heaviest spirits . . .

Willow Armstrong, the once-famous “Queen of Weight Loss” and president of Pound Busters, succumbed to stress eating after her divorce. Now the scandal of getting caught on camera binging on pizza, and the internet-wide mocking of her new curves, may destroy her career. Add in a business advisor who drained her finances, and Willow is out of options—until she learns she’s inherited a house in England’s most picturesque locale, The Cotswolds.

Willow’s trip across the pond to sell the property and salvage her company soon becomes its own adventure: the house, once owned by grandparents she never met, needs major work. Plus, single dad Owen Hughes, the estate’s resident groundskeeper and owner of a local tour outfit, isn’t thrilled about the idea of leaving . . .

Yet as Willow proceeds with her plans, she’s sidetracked by surprising discoveries about her family’s history–and with Owen’s help, the area’s distinctive attractions. Soon, she’s even retracing her roots—and testing her endurance—amid the region’s natural beauty. And the more she delves into the past, the more clearly she sees herself, her future, and the way home .

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NOW 99 cents through December 2!

Grab this B & N bestseller at the low price of 99 cents, plus the series second HARVEST MOON, at a discounted price until 12/2/18.


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6 responses to “Sales & Release News!

  1. Terri-Lynne DeFino

    Happy release day!!!

  2. Happy Release Day, Sharon! I can’t wait to read Saving Anna…My sister was born in Germany, but I haven’t been back since I was little and would love to get lost in a love story there. Congrats

    • Thank you, Kristi! ❤ Where in Germany did you live?
      Hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving!

      • Thank you, Sharon! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving too. My youngest came home from school in Florida, so it was a full house and I was happy because the chicks (now grown roosters) were all in the nest:) We lived on Bitburg, A.F.B. near the town of Bitburg, I think in western Germany. I just read on internet that the base just closed (in 2017) after more than 60 years in operation. Looking forward to reading Saving Anna!

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