About Me

Sharon Struth spends her days pursuing a ‘mid-life’ second career as a writer. While she tirelessly pursues her new craft, she’s joined by her constant companions, Teddy – a wheaton terrier – and Mollie, seen below. Most days, Mollie can be found in ‘her’ office (where she watches Sharon on the computer). She’s a bit of a workaholic, often ignoring the evening dinner bell and instead, relaxing on her pillows. Teddy, however, is the one ringing the bell.

If you’re wandering through the middle-ages like me and want to share your thoughts, I’d love to hear from you! 

For more information on Sharon’s published work and current projects, visit her website at www.sharonstruth.com.

Mollie hard at work

8 responses to “About Me

  1. Sharon, love your blog, especially those 70’s comments from everyone. Mollie and Cocoa would be best buds – she likes to lay on the couch afghan if she can’t get in my lap. Keep up the good work and remember, it’s getting close to spring when we all rush out to weed and plant.

  2. I am impressed! You are on your way and it suits you.

  3. Sharon, we’re about to STEP back into winter tonite I think unfortunately!

  4. Hi Sharon – It was good to see you recently. I just finished reading your blog/articles – you are a very talented writer and very funny! And I can relate! Looking forward to more! Susan

    • Hey Susan,
      Great seeing you, too! Thanks for your nice words. Glad you could relate.
      If you want an email subscription (it notifies you about new posts), click on the box under the confused knight (to the left). Otherwise, check back once a month when I’ll be posting.
      Takes care!

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