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Three Reasons Why You Should Read COLLIDE by Melissa J. Crispin

Today I welcome Melissa Crispin, a fellow writer from my local RWA Chapter who has a new release AND her debut novel.  We’re all very excited for her! Take it away, Melissa.

Hi there! My name is Melissa J. Crispin, and I’m excited to tell you about my debut novel, COLLIDE, which is getting released today. Before I get started, I want to thank my fellow RWA CoLoNY member Sharon Struth for having me on her blog. Thank you so much, Sharon! I truly appreciate it.

COLLIDE is a young adult, fantasy book with strong romantic elements.

Collide-MelissaJCrispin-BookCoverPreview-blogsBOOK BLURB:

When the balance between Earth, Afterlife, and Heaven are threatened, the fate of the universe falls on a selfish girl who must sacrifice everything to save it.

Kayla has a plan. She’s moving to the city after graduation and Luke’s coming with her. He’ll eventually become a doctor, she’ll be a ballerina—and they’ll live happily ever after. That is, until dark forces, led by a sister she never knew existed, start hunting her down for a power she never knew she had.

When Kayla starts working with a boy named Alec to learn how to defend herself and to stop the evil from eliminating the worlds, she finds herself falling for him. Hard. Torn between two loves and struggling to do what’s right for Earth and Afterlife, Kayla must decide if she’s fighting to keep her life together, or letting it go to save everyone else’s.

Three Reasons why you should read this book:

#1 ~ Kayla Reynolds bumps into a boy she barely knows named Alec. The physical contact awakens knowledge that had been tucked away in her subconscious mind. Alec holds the ability to meet her in her dreams and take her to Afterlife, where she’s reunited with her deceased father. Kayla is able to fulfill a wish that people can relate to on many levels. Who wouldn’t want to see a loved one that they lost? To talk with them, give them a big hug, and to say all the things that weren’t said but should have been while they were still alive?

#2 ~ With her newfound knowledge comes responsibility. Up to this point, the only thing Kayla ever worried about was herself. Now she’s caught in a situation where the balance between Earth, Afterlife, and Heaven are at stake. She learns the hard way that the universe doesn’t revolve around her, and she struggles to do what’s right for the greater good. Everybody has a pivotal moment in their life, where they have to let go of something dear that they had worked so very hard for. That experience is a huge part of what this book is about.

#3 ~ Love isn’t black and white. You can love different people in different ways, and that person’s feelings may not be reciprocated in the same manner. Kayla wrestles with what she feels in her heart. As she works with Alec to protect the worlds, massive tension develops with her boyfriend, Luke. Both of them are fighting for her, and neither of them is a bad guy. Each of them would be good for her, but not for the same reasons. Her affection for both of them runs deep. How can she make a decision, knowing it will cause one of them heartbreak?


“What the hell is this?”

My eyes shot open.

Luke stood at the foot of my bed, his arms crossed and his eyes narrowed. “When I heard my girlfriend was attacked, I rushed out of school like my ass was on fire. I was so worried, especially because your mom was away and I thought you were alone.” He glared at Alec, who was still out like a light, despite Luke’s booming voice. He must’ve been in Afterlife. “What’s he doing here, Kayla?” His angry tone melted into something more like confusion.

My eyes stung. “It’s not what it looks like.”

He huffed. “Bullshit.”

I wiggled my arm where Alec lay, but he wouldn’t budge.

“Hey, Sleeping Beauty.” Luke jostled the bed and pain shot through my left leg. I winced, and his face softened. “Oh, my God, I’m sorry.” He came to the opposite side of me. “I didn’t mean to hurt you. But can we talk? Without—” He tilted his head toward Alec.

“Yeah. I think he’s just drained from everything that happened last night.” At least that wasn’t a total lie. I wriggled out from Alec’s hold and shook his shoulder. Luke’s stare burned like a forest fire. “Alec, wake up. Can you hear me?”

“Jesus Christ, what is wrong with this guy?”

Alec’s eyes fluttered open and focused on me. His mouth opened, but I cut him off before he could say anything.

“Wow, you’re a sound sleeper.” My voice sounded high and shaky. “Um, Luke’s here. Would you mind giving us a little privacy?”

Alec seemed to search my face, probably for signs of protest, and I gave an encouraging nod. “Okay,” he said.

The two of them exchanged scowls before Alec strolled out of the room, clicking the door shut behind him.

I scrubbed a hand over my face. I’d wanted to talk to Luke so badly, but now I had no idea what to say.

He sat on the bed and rubbed the back of his head, staring off toward the wall behind me. After the equivalent of an eternity, he spoke. “Are you okay?” His hands rested on his knees.

“How did you figure out I was here?”

“Matt’s dad mentioned a break-in at your house and said you were here. He wouldn’t tell him anything else.”

Duh. I should’ve made the connection when the officer said his last name was Benson. That was the thing about small towns. Word about everything got around fast.

Luke turned his palms upward and stared at his empty hands. “I want you to tell me what happened, but first, please tell me you’re okay. And”—he glanced at the blanket covering my stomach—“the baby?”




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Melissa J. Crispin lives in Connecticut with her husband, two kids, and an adorable Siberian Husky. She spends her days in the corporate world, and pursues her passion for writing in the late nights and early mornings.

From micro-fiction to novels, Melissa loves to write stories in varying lengths. But, no matter the story, it’s almost always about the romance.

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