Just when I thought it couldn’t get busier…

Happy Holidays!!

TwelveNights 800 x 1200‘Tis the season to be busy. With a novella launch in early November and second full-length novel on December 22nd, I’ve been racing around at record speed!

Today, Twelve Nights (Kensington) is featured in USA Today’s Happy Ever After with an exclusive excerpt and book trailer. Stop by and take a look at this novella in the Blue Moon Lake Romances Series.



Amazon   /   Barnes & Noble  /   Kobo   /   Google   /

Apple​ / Amazon UK


HARVEST MOON, Blue Moon Lake Romances Book Two, Launches in one week!

Series Book Two

Series Book Two

In honor of the release, I’ll be hosting a Holiday Book Festival on 12/22 with over thirty authors who’ll be stopping by to share prizes, special offers on their books, and just have some plain old fun!


GiftCardGiveawayStop by the Book Festival and be entered in a drawing for…$100 Amazon Gift Card!

CLICK HERE for festival details: https://www.facebook.com/events/1501895566806704/

Pre-order Links for Harvest Moon

Amazon   /   Barnes & Noble /   Kobo   /

Kensington Publishing / Google   / Apple​ / Amazon UK



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