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Three Reasons Why You Should Read RELEASING THE DEMONS by L.D. Rose

I’m thrilled to have the very awesome L.D. Rose visit today, who is my local RWA chapter mate and a Soul Mate Publishing author. Her book looks intense and filled with some great conflict. Without further waiting, I’ll let her take it away…

Hey there! My name is Linda, writing as L.D. Rose, and first off I want to thank fellow (AWESOME) CoLoNY member Sharon Struth for having me on her blog today! ❤ My debut dark paranormal romance, RELEASING THE DEMONS is now available on Amazon and I want to give you three reasons why you should check it out if you’re into Paranormal Romance and urban fantasy. 😉


Blaze Knight has been through hell and back, but the nightmares aren’t over yet.

Five years after Blaze was maimed by Cyrus Chimola, a powerful vampire with a penchant for torture, he’s still trying to pick up the pieces of his shattered life. As a genetically engineered mercenary with the ability to bend fire to his will and to see in infrared, Blaze’s mission is to protect what’s left of humanity. When Chimola and his crew return to the Bronx gunning for Blaze’s blood, Blaze is forced to face the demons of his past. Hell-bent on revenge, he seeks the help of Valerie Medeiros, an NYPD detective who manages to steal his heart and save his life in more ways than one.

Motivated by her sister’s gruesome death, Valerie has made it her life’s goal to bury every vampire in the ground where they belong. When she brings in Blaze Knight for suspected murder, she discovers he’s not only innocent, he isn’t a man at all—he’s a half-vampire hybrid working with a band of brothers for the U.S. military. Valerie has a hard time trusting anything with fangs, yet she quickly falls headlong into Blaze’s life, a life full of darkness and horror she can’t even begin to fathom. The bodies are stacking up, but Valerie can’t seem to let go of this hybrid, a beautiful monster filled with pain, rage, and passion unlike anything she’s ever known.

In a world where the line between good and evil is blurred, Blaze and Valerie will find danger at every turn, risking everything they’ve come to know and love, including one another.

NOW, the three reasons why you should read this book:

#1 ~ The circumstances where both Valerie and Blaze meet aren’t very ordinary. Blaze is a prime suspect in a horrific murder and Valerie is one of the lead detectives on the case. The moment Valerie sets eyes on Blaze, she deems him a monster (which isn’t far from accurate) and she arrests him on the spot. Blaze, of course, is innocent and now he must prove this to Valerie in order to convince her to help hunt the real murderers, Cyrus Chimola and his crew, a group of powerful vampires who’ve returned to the Bronx for Blaze.

#2 ~ Blaze is a former prisoner of war and is still trying to put himself back together. With Cyrus’s return, Blaze watches all of his hard work at recovery fall apart as he hunts down each and every one of his torturers and serves them the karma they deserve. He constantly wrestles with both the leech and the human inside him and he isn’t quite sure which one will dominate his desires, particularly around Valerie. Initially, Valerie has a hard time trusting Blaze, but she quickly grows to trust him after a few of their “adventures.”

#3 ~ RELEASING THE DEMONS is about reaping vengeance and falling in love at the most unlikely of times. Although many of the scenes throughout the story were difficult to write, they are real, raw and brutal, plopping you firmly into a dark world where nothing but love is sacred, whether that love is between friends, brothers or lovers. The action is nonstop, keeping you questioning how far Valerie and Blaze will go in order to stay together in a world where fate is desperately trying to tear them apart.

Have you ever made sacrifices for a loved one? Looking back now, are you glad you’d done so or do you regret it?


“Cyrus used to have a hideout underground,” Blaze offered hesitantly, switching into the high-speed lane. “I doubt he’d go there again, but I can always take a look.”

“Underground? Where?”

“Grand Central.” Memories fought their way to the surface, but he kept them at bay, focusing on the road.

“Grand Central? How? It’s completely destroyed.”

“The tunnels and platforms are still preserved. Cyrus gained access to them and took his nest down there a while back. He was there for at least a year. Maybe two.”

Valerie turned toward him, giving him her full attention. “How do you know this?”

Blaze shifted uncomfortably, his heart pounding. He stared straight ahead, unable to look at her, and set his jaw. “Because I was down there with him.”

She stilled. 3 Doors Down sang quietly in the background as the Caddy hummed along the Bronx River Parkway. A fist clenched around Blaze’s stomach, his muscles tense as iron, encasing the trashcan of his guts. He was dying for nicotine, anything to calm him down. He turned up the AC instead, still unable to look at her in fear of what he’d see. Dark voices of the past whispered in the back of his mind, pushing against the recesses of his skull.

“You were a prisoner?” she finally said, the words cautious, low.

A morbid urge to laugh bubbled up inside him. “That’s putting it nicely.”

“When did this happen?”

“Five years ago.” Five years, three months, and twenty-four days.

“How did you get away?” Her tone became soft, gentle. He couldn’t decide if he liked it or hated it.

“Dax . . .” he trailed off, his voice failing him, sucked into the back of his throat. Then, without warning, Valerie cupped her hand over his, where he tightly gripped the gearshift. He glanced down at it, her small, smooth, feminine hand atop his big, scarred, leather-bound fist. He wished he could feel it.

Wished he could feel anything.

Blaze cleared his throat, resettling himself. Her touch balanced him somehow, infused a little more courage into him. “Dax found me. Cyrus vanished. I’ve been hunting him down since. Now he’s back for me, I know he is. The messages, the murders, all of it—he’s out for my blood. All of this is because of me.”

“It’s not your fault.”

“The longer he’s out there, the more people will die,” he pointed out. “I know my brothers can take care of themselves, but it’s everyone else. People like Bianca, like Homes, Elena. And you.”

Her hand fell away from his. He glanced at her. She stared at him intently, if a bit indignantly. He pictured her green eyes flashing, maybe darker, maybe brighter. He’d guess brighter. “I chose to be part of this, Blaze.”

“But you don’t have to—”

“But I want to. What, you think I’m just going to cower in a corner and hide until all of this passes? Hell no. You should know me better than that by now. You think I’m going to let you do this alone?”

“I have my brothers.”

“I know your brothers have your back, but they’ve got the rest of the city to protect, too. I want to be part of this. And no offense, you’re not getting rid of me, whether you like it or not.”



L.D. Rose is a neurotic physician by day, crazed writer by night, and all around wannabe superhero. She writes paranormal romance and urban fantasy, but she’s been known to delve into horror, sci-fi, and medical suspense on occasion. L.D. Rose is a member of the RWA, FF&P, NEC-RWA and CoLoNY. She currently lives in Rhode Island with her studly hubby, her hyperactive boxer, and her two devious cats.

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