Author Visit: Shehanne Moore on NOT being the Hero

Today I’ve got a visitor! I’m thrilled to have my good friend and historical fiction author Shehanne Moore  here to talk about some of those not so perfect guys we read about in novels, but who add a great deal to the story. Plus, she’ll give us a sneak peak at her upcoming release. Take it away, Shey…

On not being the hero by Shehanne Moore.

Seriously I googled this in the hope of getting some fancy quote about how crestfallen these guys feel, these guys who don’t get to run into the building and save the heroine. But the best I could come up with is the fact they’re not alone. Look at some of the famous love triangles in books—Now, I am not talking ménage here—heavens not on Sharon’s lovely blog which she was kind enough to invite me to today, thank you Sharon, I am talking triangle.

laurenceThere’s Heathcliff, Gatsby, Jacob Black and please, let’s not forget Scarlett O’Hara’s strange passion for Ashley Wilkes. Didn’t Rhett rescue her several times? Also wasn’t he better looking? In fact so were the others. Secretly guys we ladies were always rooting for them. But let them have the heroine and we have no story.

Anyway, I’ve noticed that in each of my books there’s another guy. And he’s not the hero. He might not even want to be. Or, maybe he would since in three of these four books he’s dead, or dying.

Take Thomas, the heroine’s husband in The Unravelling of Lady Fury. TheUnravelingOfLadyFury-ByShehanneMoore-133x200 (2) (Yes do, take him far away, he’s a wife beater) how did he know Fury wasn’t really that in to him? Because at the start of the book she’s keeping him in a box in the cellar. Correction. It’s his corpse actually she’s keeping, after she pushed him down the stairs.

I think it would be difficult to give Thomas tips on how to have won the heroine, but I’d say that generally being nicer, an all round good guy, might have avoided this end. What’s that? They say women like bad boys better? Well, maybe they do. So maybe that approach wouldn’t have worked?

HisJudasBride_ByShehanneMoore-100x200Next up, Lachlan from His Judas BrideWell, Lachlan was an all round nice guy but the heroine’s father didn’t think so, so he killed him off. I think I’d say here, if you wanted to get the heroine then maybe you shouldn’t have got her up the duff when her father wanted to marry her off to someone else.

That brings us around to Gil Gressingham, deeply in love with Sapphire, the heroine of Loving Lady Lazuli. lovingladylazuli_byshehannemoore-133x2001Unfortunately for Gil, although this pair went back a long way and he happily looked out for her on more occasions than she could count, she just wasn’t that into him. He was a bully, a blackmailer, a representative of everything she hated and saw everything as something to be stolen. Of course it didn’t help him that he dropped dead half way through the book. Had he visited a doctor now, or stayed out of drafty establishments, he might have well gone onto to do battle Lord Devorlane Hawley for her. But it was a sort of no contest, despite Hawley being a troubled drug addict, non universe to a spot of blackmail himself.

In my forthcoming release, The Viking and the Courtesan, we have Cyril.cy1  He’s quite a dish and he’s also the heroine’s husband. I’ll tell you now Malice admits to liking him. Loving would be a bit strong, although there was a time she did love him. There’s also bits where she believes she can make a go of things with him, despite being involved with another man, which is interesting as Cyril, the proverbial bad boy steals from her, he abandons her.

Why don’t they end up together? Because Cyril cannot ever love her. And the reason for that is?

Something I’m not going to reveal here.



In 898 AD she wasn’t just from another land.

Wrecking a marriage is generally no problem for the divorce obtaining, Lady Malice Mallender. But she faces a dilemma when she’s asked to ruin her own. Just how businesslike should she remain when the marriage was never consummated and kissing her husband leads to Sin–a handsome Viking who wants her for a bed slave in name only?

She came from another time.

Viking raider Sin Gudrunsson wants one thing. To marry his childhood sweetheart. Only she’s left him before, so he needs to keep her on her toes, and a bed slave, in name only, seems just the thing. Until he meets Malice.

One kiss is all it takes to flash between two worlds

But when one kiss is no longer enough, which will it be? Regency London? Or Viking Norway? Will Malice learn what governs the flashes? Can Sin?

Where worlds collide can love melt the iciest heart

Excerpt from The Viking and the Courtesan

                  She glided closer. She had come to speak with him, wife to husband. And she had chosen here to do it because it was public. Those who thought the sun shone from the backend of his brown velvet breeches had a lot to learn.

                  “My lord.”

                  Of course, she might have known Cyril would be more interested in looking at her breasts than her face. Maybe she should have ventured in here topless? Still, at least he was looking at her.  

                  “Cyril. Husband.”

                  Now that jerked his chin up. If ever there was a way to bring a dog to heel, this was surely it.

                  “I knew I should find you here before me, my dearest. And involved in a wager too. My lords, you must excuse Cyril, especially when he does not possess the money to pay any debts. And, we are shortly to require every penny we own.”

                  “Malice?” He peered at her closely. “Malice? Is that you?”

                  “Most certainly it’s not Aunt Carter’s silver teapot, my dearest husband.”

                  She would keep with the endearments for the time being. It would not do for anyone here to think she was anything less than fond—the sole reason she clasped his arm. “I know you find every time you see me like a first time, but caution yourself. It is not seemly to behave in this manner here.”

                  “Malice, what the hell are you doing here? Let go of my—”

                  She lowered her voice to a whisper. “When I have come to talk divorce, I advise you to stop tugging. I will let go when I am good and ready to let go.”


                  One little word to guarantee complete obedience from the damned dog.

                  He cleared his throat, elegant in the fall of lace. Then he stood up. “You want to talk divorce? Divorce with me, Malice?”

                  “I am looking, but I don’t see any other man here I was married to. Do you?”





laz-glenc-028When not cuddling inn signs in her beloved Scottish mountains alongside Mr Shey, Shehanne Moore writes dark and smexy historical romance, featuring bad boys who need a bad girl to sort them out. She firmly believes everyone deserves a little love, forgiveness and a second chance in life.

Shehanne caused general apoplexy when she penned her first story, The Hore House Mystery—aged seven. What didn’t she work at while pursuing her dream of becoming a published author?

Visit her blog to find out about past releases and hear more about her forthcoming time-slip historical, The Viking and The Courtesan.‎‎

17 responses to “Author Visit: Shehanne Moore on NOT being the Hero

  1. Shaz…Hugs. Just got this. Off to promo it.You are an doll for letting me come by here xxxx

  2. I CANNOT wait to meet Malice. My kinda gal. As for non-heroes – they’re only purpose is to up the body-count. Ask the Duchess of Malfi. Great post.

    • Lol, Kate 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by!

    • Kate, hugs for taking time out. I do love that play. Saw an amazing production at the local rep years ago. Yeah, let’s just have them upping the body count. I just feel sorry for the guys where the needing to go to specsavers heroine chooses to spend the book in love with the wrong guy. Malice? Hmm… She can’t wait to meet you!

  3. Great excerpt, Shehanne. Sounds like a fun read. Best of luck.

  4. \o/ cannot wait for your new release, Shehanne!

  5. Hell. We will be showering her in champagne x

  6. noelleclarkblog

    Love this post from two of my fave friends. Very exciting time for you Shey. Hope you celebrate appropriately. xx

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  8. Noelle .. Hugs for coming by. I know you are a busy lady. Thank you. I will well be celebrating x

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