The Seeds of Friendship

GirlfriendsWhether you love Facebook or hate it, you can’t deny that it has a way of keeping our current friends informed about our lives, and–if we get very lucky–reintroducing us to someone we may have known in our past. I write this post in honor of “Throwback Thursday,” since I was recently thrown back into an old friendship thanks to the internet.

About two months ago, I received a friend request on Facebook from someone I knew in my childhood. During my elementary school years, she lived in my neighborhood and I’d even say she was one of my best friends. My parents’ divorced when I was in sixth grade, so we moved. But by high school I was back in town and became re-acquainted with my old friend. But after college, I moved to another state and, as it happens, the two of us lost contact.

Then came her friendship request on social media, over thirty years after we last spoke.

We started to talk on Facebook. Then send each other long email messages about our lives and interests. I noticed when we did “talk” online we’d find humor in the same types of things and had similar outlooks on life. Yup, it turns out we’re a lot alike now. Because we were a lot alike back then.

Each correspondence with her, I’d feel so happy and comfortable. We picked up as if not a single day had passed since our last conversation. Even way back in elementary school, I seemed to innately understand that she was someone who I wanted to hang out with. Someone I could hand over a piece of myself, then sit back and just enjoy the ride while a friendship bloomed.

happy senior womenAs I think about other close friends I’ve made in my adulthood, I realize it always happens the same way. A little common seed sits between us, one that we nurture, and eventually it turns into grows into this beautiful bond.

Last week I drove an hour to my hometown to have lunch with my dear friend. We talked for several hours, barely coming up for air. Thirty years have left us with a lot of catching up to do!

So thanks for your friendship, Sue. I feel so lucky to have picked up where we left off. Next time, lunch is on me!

Any one else renew an old friendship thanks to the internet?







6 responses to “The Seeds of Friendship

  1. Terri-Lynne DeFino

    Yup. My ‘biggest fan.’ She was a Marine and went overseas shortly after 9/11. I wrote her weekly, sent packages. She was injured badly and sent home. We lost touch. About seven years later, I got a FB message. “Is this my favorite author?” I cried like a baby!

  2. Not only friends but relatives! For me, that’s what’s best about FB, reconnecting with my cousins. I come from a large, geographically scattered family, and it’s a thrill to be part of their lives again through photos and posts. Thanks for reminding me.

  3. I reconnected with a childhood through early marriage friend Phyllis. We met at my ex husbands funeral, and have picked up our friendship as though the intervening years never happened. It’s great!… Are you back from England, or haven’t you gone yet? We are eager to hear all about Katie. Love Sue

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