Twas the Week Before Christmas…


‘Twas the week before Christmasgifts
And Bill comes home from work,
 Not as quiet as usual,
Because he has brought home a perk.


Every year, in the ten days or so preceding Christmas, my husband returns home with holiday gifts from some of his associates.

The usual excitement when he arrives home escalates this time of year. *clears throat* Well … it’s the excitement he wishes his family would show upon his arrival each night. But during the holiday season, though, when that garage door opens, we all come running to greet him when we hear the thud of a large package being placed on the kitchen floor.

gangs-all-here-carmen-miranda-420x309Cases of wine. Harry & David gift boxes. Themed baskets; chocolate, wine & cheese, crackers and cheese, cookies. On a healthier note, he’s received fruit displays, so large that even Carmen Miranda could hold it on her head.

This year we got beautiful desserts from a well known bakery in Manhattan, slated to be used as part of our Christmas meal.

IMG_20141219_084514 (1)We enjoy these baskets, often sharing with our neighbors, friends and even donating appropriate things to the local food kitchen.

In truth, what we receive is excessive (although appreciated). Yet like everything about the holiday season, I wish there was a way to spread all this good cheer out—not have it dumped on me in one fell swoop from Thanksgiving to New Years.

As I get older, I often long for a simpler way to celebrate Christmas…

A handmade gift.

A relaxing meal with family.

A fun night with good friends.

And at the same time, it’s hard not to get caught up in the exhilaration of it all. Every single year, I find myself torn between my adult logic and the anticipation of a child.

Do you embrace this time of year with joy, reluctance, or somewhere in between?

 Seasons greetings to all and to all a good night!


13 responses to “Twas the Week Before Christmas…

  1. Lucky you, those gifts sound wonderful 🙂 I’m somewhere in the middle. Right now, I’m making my neighbor her annual ornament. It started 15 years ago and we always make an ornament remembering something we did together through the year. It’s fun to come up with, fun to make and they look forward to it. When they and their kids come over on Xmas eve for dinner, the first thing they ask is “What’s the ornament?” Sometimes memories are the best presents. Past memories or memories made this holiday season. Although a nice Italian pastry would make me happy, LOL. Enjoy the holidays!

  2. Terri-Lynne DeFino

    EMBRACE!!! I love it, even the excesses, coming as it does, just before the fallow part of the year between holiday cheer and spring. My counter is currently covered in chocolate caramels, chocolate covered pretzles, chocolate/peanut butter teddy bears, chocolate turtles, nuts, brittle, did I mention chocolate? Yikes. And come next Wednesday, it will also be weighted down by dozens and dozens of cookies.
    Tis the season!

  3. Hubby has a lady he used to work with. We call her our adopted Grandma. lol She loves baking and making candies, and every holiday she comes in with stuff, and she always makes sure to bring him some especially. We look forward to her treats.

    I have to admit I’m like you. The kids are older now and not as into Christmas, and we’ve lost several family members, so we’re smaller than we used to be. Plus, we don’t live close to family, so it’s always just us for the holidays. Hubby and I are finding that we want simpler things. Less gifts and more time. We’re honestly tired of how commercialized Christmas has become. So, being the Friday before Christmas, the break is now on, and we’re looking forward to just spending time together.

    • And enjoying that time together is perfect. When else during the year does the routine slow down to do that? It’s ironic it happens during all the holiday madness, though. Thanks for sharing, Joanne!

  4. I adore everything about this time of year–the scents and sights and the anticipation. I’d love to include “holiday cheer” in that, yet I find that even now, a week before Christmas, my smiles are not returned by strangers. What’s up with that? Anyhoo, I love the Christmas season. It’s wonderful to have your thoughts filled with how to please your significant other, what will bring a smile to your uncle’s weathered face, all the treats you plan on baking and who you’ll share them with, and on and on the list goes.

    • You’re so right Angel. The scents and sights are gorgeous. Too bad people aren’t smiling in return…probably thinking about what they have left to buy or do before Christmas day. The stress can get the better of us.

  5. Combo of both for me. Some days are good, other days aren’t. It definitely throws me competely off my game and I usually need a vacation from it. My husband told me yesterday that we should just fly somewhere tropical every year for Christmas, lol. He’s definitely a grinch!

    • Well, I’m a bit grinch sometimes too. There are days I wouldn’t mind a little escape instead of the headache. But I love my family, too, and feel lucky to have them around. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. You know me Shaz…I just dive in!!!! All the best doll x

  7. I love the holiday season! It gets crazy busy, but it’s mostly a fun kind of busy. Those gift baskets your husband gets sound wonderful. I’d be diving into them in a heartbeat. This is the one time of year I don’t even pretend to watch my diet!

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