I’ll take “Easy Questions” for $200, Alex.

My family loves to watch Jeopardy. Three out of the four of us get the occasional answer…nothing that would prompt us to try out for the trivia program.

The only one who can claim true success is my husband, Bill. At times, when I’ve barely understood the question, Bill’s shouting out an answer. He’s often able to keep up with some contestants. Yup, he’s that good.



Occasionally I outwit him during a show, but the category is usually something like “1960’s Sitcoms” or “Name that Cookie” or “Meg Ryan Movies.” I’ll rattle off answers while he looks on…probably wondering why he married me in the first place.

Once I was folding laundry in our bedroom, watching a version of Jeopardy that aired on a nearby NY station. When finished, I’d wandered downstairs. Bill sat on the sofa watching the program I’d just seen, now airing later on a Connecticut station. At  final Jeopardy, he yelled out his answer.

I passed him on my way to the kitchen. “Hmmm. I don’t think so.”

“No?” He looked away from the TV.  “Then what?”

I gave him the response I’d heard  twenty-five minutes earlier, one clearly out of the realm of possibility as something I might know.

He raised a skeptical brow and turned back to the program. “We’ll see.”

I crossed my arms and watched with him. “Yes. We’ll see.”

When Alex Trebek announced the answer–same as mine–Bill’s eyes nearly popped out of his head, but he recovered nicely and smiled. “Nice job, sweetie.”

I confessed within seconds and we shared a good laugh about the look on his face when I first answered. Everyone I know says I should’ve clung to that victory a little longer.  But more than being right, I love a good laugh.

This week,”Kids Jeopardy” aired on our local station. Not the college program, but elementary school students. Easy, right? I rubbed my hands together and prepared to be a champion.

Sadly, while I had some moments I’d call achievements, more than one question left me stumped. Mostly science related–never my strong suit. At one point, I shut it off. Some kid–who was about one-third my body weight–outwitted me on a cloud related question.

From now on, I’ll stick to adult jeopardy. I end up feeling far less humiliated.

Re: the above category image of “colors that end in ‘urple'”… it’s from a Saturday Night Live Jeopardy skit. If you’ve never seen their take off, you’re missing a good chuckle. Here’s a clip. They’re priceless…many episodes have been done, most with “Sean Connery.” http://www.wannafork.com/humor_video_play.php?ID=600

Jeopardy…love or leave it? What do you think?


10 responses to “I’ll take “Easy Questions” for $200, Alex.

  1. Terri-Lynne DeFino

    I’ll take the rapists for three hundred…
    Best snl skits of all time. It is after two in the morning as I answer this. Ugh. Can’t sleep at ALL. GOOD NIGHT NURSE!

  2. Will Farrell was a classic – The Sean Connery character, too – SNL isn’t the same any more – we try and watch it occasionally – on we’re not always up at 11:30 on a Saturday night, LOL – but we’re usually disappointed.

    Love Jeopardy!

  3. Loved this post, Sharon! We adore “Jeopardy,” but not Alex Trebek, although it is kind of fun to wait to hear the next awkward moment he creates when he has no idea how to respond to a contestant’s answer to one of his questions, Between the two of us, we get a lot of the answers, unless it pertains to television shows or non-American geography, but the kids’ ones last week were tough though. We also yell out numbers when the lottery picks come up. Never get more than one. Good reason not to buy the tickets.

    • Hi Renee. I’m so glad someone else found that kid’s jeopardy a challenge. I really was worried about my overall intelligence after a few of those questions! Lol, I love that you guys yell out the lottery numbers, too.

  4. hansue@optonline.net

    Hi Sharon,

    we enjoyed this latest ‘Musings’ article of yours. I guess we’d be at the bottom of the contestants list since we don’t watch this series but are very proud to know that both you and Bill can keep up with some of the contestants. You didn’t mention the girls ‘Jeopardy’ skills. They are both smart, intelligent and good looking. Don’t you think they too could succeed on the Jeopardy show?



    • Hi Hans. Nobody in this house does as well as Bill. I’m sorry to say–even my beautiful and extremely smart daughters. Like me, they get some answers, but my darling husband gets the winner prize in this household!

  5. LOL! “I Garfunkled your mother.” I never saw that particular episode. As for the real Jeopardy, I love the game but Trebek annoys me to no end. I do pretty well at home, but I’d probably choke if I ever actually went on the show.

    • Haha, those are great, Maura. Yeah, I can’t imagine the pressure when trying to answer and being face not only with the audience, but buzzing in correctly. That buzzer seems sensitive. Thanks for stopping by!

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