Three Reasons Why You Should Read An American Girl in Italy by Aubrie Dionne

an American Girl in italy2 Today I’m thrilled to have Blue Ridge Literary Agency author Aubrie Dionne to talk about her latest release, An American Girl in Italy. Already wishing I was that girl! 

Here are three reasons why you should read this book. Take it away, Aubrie!

~ ~ ~

When Sharon invited me to name three reasons why you should read my latest release, An American Girl in Italy, I had to think really hard. There were so many reasons why I wrote it: because I toured Italy with my orchestra in high school, because the first orchestra book, Playing the Maestro demanded a sequel, because of all those vineyard movies that stole my breath away. Remember A Walk in the Clouds? But, three reason why you should read it? This is what I came up with below:

#1. The descriptions of Italy. Italy is such a gorgeous place, and I used my memories from my tour to write this book. At eighteen, it was a life-changing adventure. The main character’s descriptions and reactions are a lot of my own, very real and very true. For instance, she thinks the Coliseum is “old and crumbly” which is exactly what I thought of it! There is a moment toward the end when she first sees the hero’s vineyard and realizes so much about him and how much she’s grown to love him. So, if you’ve never been to Italy, or want to revisit it, you should read this book.

#2. The music. Whether you enjoy classical music or not, in this book you get to experience how it feels to be in the orchestra. There is a moment towards the beginning when the main character plays her solo in one of her favorite pieces, and you get to feel her emotions as the music plays around her. This is also written from my experiences playing flute in orchestras.

#3. The Rivalry. My main character must perform an aria with an opera diva. Since the beginning of the book, they are at odds with one another, bickering over the tempo and the mood of the duet. But, when gorgeous Michelangelo comes between them then the sparks really fly. There is an exact moment when he kisses one girl in front of the other…a scene I had sooo much fun writing! You’ll have to read to find out!


Fury broiling inside her, she whirled around. “I told you—”

A man who looked like he’d walked off a Giorgio Armani ad glowed before her, illuminated by the Italian sun shining through the glass windows behind him. Midnight hair rolled in waves around his ears, slicked back from his face with just the right amount of mousse. Thick, perfectly sculpted, dark eyebrows contrasted with smooth, olive skin. Blue eyes with a ring of amber around the center mesmerized her.

“Are you with the Easthampton Civic Symphony, signorina?”

He accented his words just like the cultured Italian men on the James Bond films she had watched growing up.

“Yes, I was just—” what was she doing? Carly’s voice trailed off.

“May I introduce myself? I am Michelangelo Ricci, your tour guide.”

Their tour guide? Carly’s stomach plummeted. She’d just made a bitchy fool of herself right in front of the man she’d have to spend the next two weeks with. Great. Or what do the Italians say? Bene.

Michelangelo stared at her with his beautiful blue-amber eyes in expectation. What did he want? Some sort of pat on the back? A kiss?

Stop daydreaming.

Carly blinked back to reality. “Yes?”

“And you are?”

“Oh. Carly Davis.”

He extended his hand. “Nice to meet you, Carly.”

She took his hand in hers and squeezed. He had a strong grip with rough calluses, maybe from working outside in the vineyard?

Boy, this guy was too good to be true. Which was why she should stay the hell away.

He released her hand politely, if not a little too soon for her taste. “Per favore, follow me. The tour bus is just beyond the doors.”

“I know that.” She grabbed her oboe case. Her long, floral bohemian skirt caught on her Birkenstock, and she tumbled face forward on top of her luggage. Her over-packed bag broke her fall, but it didn’t stave off a humbling wave of embarrassment.

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10 responses to “Three Reasons Why You Should Read An American Girl in Italy by Aubrie Dionne

  1. You had me at “Italy” LOL. I love it there – have been twice and can’t wait to go back. Nice excerpt, Aubrie. Sounds like a great read.

  2. Thank you, Debbie! And thank you, Sharon, for hosting me today on your lovely blog!

  3. Everywhere in Italy is romantic, and isn’t it amazing how handsome the men in the cities are (most of them)? So glad this had nothing to do with American Girl dolls, which I’m embarrassed to say was my first thought. Sounds like a terrific book. Thanks Sharon for introducing Aubrie.

  4. Should have added: The hazards of being a grandma to two girls of a certain age.

  5. All three are good reasons. I’ve never been to Italy. It would be nice to experience it through your book.

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