Makeover Monday!

Time for a new sofa?Some days the urge strikes out of nowhere. The bedspread you barely noticed for the past ten years seems drab. Imperfections on the  sofa–thanks to pets or other spills–jump out at you each time you walk into the living room. Or the curtains featured on the Bed, Bath & Beyond flyer have your name written all over them. Whatever makes it happen, there are times your eyes simply want to look at something  fresh and new.

Today is Makeover Monday, my blog’s fresh face. I’ll still be delivering my middle-aged musings, book features and a chance to chat about both the ordinary and the unordinary. I also added a category listing to the upper left column, if you simply want to look through books featured on this site, for example.

Future posts may even test unchartered waters. I figure the sky’s the limit on topics and you guys seem like you could use a surprise once in a while. Besides, who doesn’t like a surprise. Looks like the ladies in my blog’s new header do.

Happy Monday! What do you think?





12 responses to “Makeover Monday!

  1. OOH missy. love the new look. It’s suave….like you x

  2. Very nice makeover. It’s stylish, easy to navigate, and has a pleasant layout. I’m following!

  3. It looks good. Gossipy.

  4. Love, love, love the cover photo!

  5. This is great! I love the feel of the place. Fun and girly and modern. Howcome I didn’t get a notification?? I usually do when you post something. Thanks for pointing me in!

  6. I love it!! The banner pic looks fresh and fun and is much more indicative of your lively, witty posts. I’ve been wanting to give my page a makeover and you’ve just inspired me to get busy!!

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