One Lovely Blog Award

lovely-blog-awardMy Scottish friend and fellow Etopia Press author, Shehanne Moore, was nice enough to bestow me with the ONE LOVELY BLOG Award. So, before I thank the Academy and grant the NY Times an interview, I must fulfill the obligations that come with fine honor.

First, I want to say thank you to Shehanne for thinking of me. Please take a second to check out Shehanne’s blog  “Furious Unravelings.”

Second, the rules of this honor ask for me to reveal 7 things about me. But I’m a bit boring, so how about 7 things on my bucket list?

1. Some day I’ d like to go zip lining. 08-4534d-Gaelyn-on-zip-Tsitsikamma-Adventures-Canopy-Tour-Storms-River-SA_thumbI’m not really sure why, but there’s a little voice nagging me to give it a try. Those who know me won’t believe it, but it’s true.

images-42. I want a goat. Wait, let me change that…goats. I’d love to own goats.

3. I’d like to visit India.Taj_Mahal_in_March_2004

4. I enjoy wine and visit vineyards where ever I travel, images-5but I’d like to be truly well-versed in the fine art of understanding wine production.

5. I’d love to visit Africa and go on a safari. A safe safari.


6. I’d love to live in Europe for a while. Not forever. I’m proud and happy to be an  American. Yet I feel a calling to spend an extended amount of time in either Tuscany, Germany or The Netherlands. Really, I’m not fussy…any one will do.images-6

7. I’d like to be brave as my daughters. images-7Not to get too mushy (yes, I have a little teardrop in the corner of my eye), but they reach out and try things I’d never have done at their age. Heck, I’m not sure I’d do them now. Still, they inspire me to try harder.

Now I will pass the blog torch to seven of my friends with lovely blogs, too. If you want, please post this to your blog and do 7 of “something”…things we don’t know about you, 7 favorite things etc. If you’re busy to play along, no worries…I still think you deserve this!

Noelle Clark

Debbie Christiana

Terri-lynne Defino

Anne Van

Ellen Butler

Angel Nicholas

Maura Troy


8 responses to “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. lovely to read you choices. xxx

  2. Terri-Lynne DeFino

    Why won’t your blog let me respond??? It keeps denying me entrance. I think you blocked me. Hmph! 😉
    I’ll go ziplining with you. And on safari and to India. And if the lawnmowing around here ever falls to me, I’m getting goats!

  3. Thanks so much Sharon 😉 I’d love to participate but probably can’t until the beginning of Nov. Is that okay? Is there a time frame?

    I’ve zip lined. It’s fun and not scary at all. And of course, I’m with you on the whole wine event.

    My neighbor has chickens and I love them to death, no need for a goat, the chickens eat ticks, LOL

    thanks, again!

  4. A wonderful list. Your daughters got that bravery from somewhere. Zip lining sounds awesome. I’d love to repel down a building. I think I missed my chance back in college when the ROTC did it.

    • Thanks, Nana! Wow, repelling a building, huh? My knees are shaking a bit on that one! We saw people repelling down the Euro Tower in Rotterdamn last month. I watched and thought “That seems doable,” until I got to the top on foot then changed my mind. Thanks for stopping by!

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