Reaching the Summit

For the past five years, I’ve had a one-inch piece of paper stuck on the wall next to my desk. It’s my horoscope and it reads, “If you can combine intellectual ability and passion, you will prove quite unstoppable. It’s not as easy as it seems, however.”

The day I read this, I’d been searching for an answer about whether or not I should seriously pursue a writing career. It turns out, the words on that little piece of paper held many truths.

Outside AnnouncementA few days ago marked a milestone event in my pursuit of a “second career.”  I had the pleasure of sharing the launch of my first novel with the wonderful people in my life; family members, my fantastic neighbors, and friends–new and old. It was held in Bethel, CT, a place where I’ve never felt more at home. Best of all, it was held in my favorite bookstore, Byrd’s Books.

When I decided to write a novel four years ago, a launch day like this was my summit. I saw my journey as a metaphorical climb up Everest, taking me throughTable Books many writing classes, an entire practice book (it sits in a drawer, unpublished), a first draft of The Hourglass plus a zillion revisions (okay, so I exaggerate), finding an agent and then receiving an offer from a publisher and then…more edits.

The view at the summit has almost made me forget about the grueling work, yet it has also made one thing very clear;  there are more peaks for me to climb toward as I tackle this new career.

Guess I’d better get busy typing…

Here are some pictures of my launch day. Due to a camera glitch, these are from a few people who attended.

I also want to say  thank you to those of you have purchased The Hourglass since it’s launch in April!

My pen got a workout!

My pen got a workout!

Hourglass Cookies for guests. No, I didn't bake them.

Hourglass cookies for guests. No, I didn’t bake them.

Sharon with Bethel friends, Carolyn, Pat and Louise.

With Bethel friends, Carolyn, Pat and Louise. Their book group will be reading The Hourglass.

Surrogate daughter Samantha, Sharon and Sam's real mom, Lauren.

Surrogate daughter Samantha and Sam’s real mom, my wonderful friend, Lauren.

Sharon and Margaret, one of my wonderful neighbors.

With Margaret, one of my too-good-to-be-true neighbors.

With writer extraordinaire, Lynn (Go CoLoNY RWA Chapter!)

With writer extraordinaire, Lynn (Go CoLoNY RWA Chapter!)

Hubby Bill looks on while Karen and I discuss "How can I autograph an e-book?" Well, surprise...I can (link to "Authorgraph" at

Hubby Bill looks on while Karen and I discuss “How can I autograph an e-book?” Well, surprise…I can! There’s link to “Authorgraph” at

Chatting it up with Michele!

Chatting it up with Michele


Thank you for the clever photo, Carolyn Eisman!

Thank you for the clever photo, Carolyn Eisman!



17 responses to “Reaching the Summit

  1. Terri-Lynne DeFino

    It was a truly wonderful event, Sharon. Congratulations again! You are an inspiration. It’s not everyone who can decide to write and have her first book published in five years. I know there’s more lead up to that, but in the end–you done good, woman!

  2. So excited and happy for you, Sharon! I was out of town for the event, but with you in spirit. Congratulations and I’m looking forward to reading your next book!

  3. Congrats, Sharon! Love those hourglass cookies! 🙂

    • Thanks. They came out better than I could have dreamed. The woman who made them is amazing! But I didn’t get to try one 😦
      My mother still has hers and said she’d share it with me.

  4. Sharon, I am so happy for you and glad your launch was such a success!! You’ve worked so hard for this and I hope you enjoy every second of the experience. Rock on, girl, you are an inspiration!!! 🙂

  5. Oops! That’s me, Maura!! LOL – I forgot to log out of the CoLoNY account!

  6. noelleclarkblog

    Sharon, congratulations on just everything! Your brilliant post – which brought tears to my eyes by the way – and on reaching this incredible milestone. You look wonderful in the photos, and I’m so happy for you. x

    • Hi Noelle! Oh no, I’m making people cry. I do that sometimes, but never on purpose 🙂 I think you can understand why it’s so important because you’re an author, too. Thank you for sharing! My only regret was that I couldn’t have seen my friends from all around the world — like you — at my launch party. Now that would be a heck of an event, huh?

  7. Mary Heidbreder

    So excited for you! Already reading and enjoying it! Best wishes for continued success 🙂

  8. Thanks so much Mary! Glad you’re enjoying and I am so glad you came!

  9. I love that cookie! How adorable.

    It looks like the book signing was a perfect, fun sendoff for your first published book.

    I know there will be many, many more!

    Congrats on your success!

  10. Hi Kristi. The woman who made those cookies was a true artist! The signing was a wonderful day. Thanks, as always, for your support!

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