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Don’t Judge a Nook by its Cover

Immutable adj ˈmyü-tə-bəl\ : not capable nor susceptible to change

Right after Christmas, my family took a trip to the mall. Bargains abound and I purchased a half-price, ‘Word-A-Day’ calendar. On January first, when I enthusiastically opened it, the first entry made me pause…Immutable; not capable nor susceptible to change.

I tried it in a sentence: Had I become immutable over the years?

 I didn’t think so, although lately I’d noticed my regular routine fit like a pair of broken-in blue jeans. Anything new and unfamiliar felt, well…wrong.

But immutable would be my grandfather who ate the same breakfast every day. Or my older neighbor who refused to purchase a microwave — even when they became as commonplace as refrigeration.  Or my close friend who touted a long list of reasons to reject the ‘new math.’

In the past, I had embodied the antithesis of immutable. Back in the early 80’s, I welcomed the one PC in my office with open arms while most others skittered by the device as if it were covered with spiders.

Lately, however, one item continued to pop up as a constant reminder that sometimes I DO hate change…electronic readers. Just the casual mention of a Nook or Kindle would start me on a rant that would’ve made Johannes Gutenberg, inventor of the printing press, proud. I overlooked the fact that a man who lived in the 1400’s might be my only advocate.

So I argued in the name of tradition.

I argued in the name of power conservation.

And I argued about loss. For a Nook could not replace the great feeling that washes over me each time I glance at my bookshelf and spot a book I adored…a reminder of the journey we took together.

In short, I guess my passion had left me immutableto the idea these new devices, which claimed to mimic books, were worth my time.

 However, even Santa had jumped on the e-book band wagon. This Christmas, a Nook waited for me under our tree. Santa, a.k.a. my husband, is so connected to his e-readers that he can sneak a few minutes in fiction-land from any one of three different devices, including his phone.

 When I opened the gift, I smiled and thanked him but wondered why he’d purchased it. Then I recalled the day I’d quipped, “I suppose those devices serve a purpose.” Guess it sounded to him like I was secretly craving one.

But, here’s the shocker…it’s cool!!

In more ways than I could have imagined. Top on the list of pros…instant gratification for my book purchases. I’m a HUGE fan of instant gratification. So, ah-hem…please excuse me while I go finish my plate of crow and order another book.

And allow me to say sorry, Mr. Gutenberg. I’m a fan and will always love printed books; the artwork on the covers, how it feels in my hands, the way a single glance at an author’s name on the binding reminds me how I love their work. Maybe I’ll find new ways to love those things. And maybe not all my book purchases will be electronic.

But next time I find myself in a standoff with change, I’ll repeat ‘it isn’t always bad’ and force my eyes to open for, at least, a peek. Nope…nobody will ever call me immutable.

Teddy Reading A Book

Teddy admits he is immutable when it comes to his reading preferences.