Welcome to the Middle-Ages!

No. This doesn’t involve King Arthur, excalibur or or anybody’s round table. But if you remember…

  • watching a black & white TV
  • owning 78 rpm records
  • being asked, ‘who’s your favorite monkey’ and it was Davy, Micky, Peter or Michael…not Curious George
  • watching the moon landing…live
  • some of your friends going to Woodstock
  • drinking legally at the age of 18

…then, you may relate to some of the musings I’ve posted since some people may consider you ‘middle-aged.’ And if you don’t remember those things, you still may find some amusment in the thoughts I’ve posted.

Faced with the unavoidable fact that I’m getting older, rather than wallow in the depths of depression, I’ve decided to try to see the lighter side. Enjoy and please feel free to comment if you can relate!

Sharon Struth


5 responses to “Welcome to the Middle-Ages!

  1. Wow! You are singing my song! It’s all about attitude. Thanks for a great blog. I’ll be recommending it to all my friends who are now living in the midst of the “middle ages.”

  2. The article made me laugh out loud!
    All of it soooooo true!
    I’ve got a feeling your blog will be very successful.

    • Thanks, Jill! If you want to receive a notification when I post a new story you can hit the ‘subscribe’ button and easily unsubscribe any time you wish 🙂 I truly appreciate your kind words.

  3. …and the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, Go-Go boots (wasn’t allowed to wear them),white gloves to church…Oh yeah, definately in the middle ages. Isn’t strange to hear kids referring to things from the 70’s as Retro? But, my question is – do our teenagers that you don’t have to go to Hollister to buy a denim skirt – that you can actually make one from a pair of your best friend’s brother’s jeans?

    • If we told our kids to make a denim skirt from an old pair of jeans, they’d think we were crazy. In fact, we’re the crazy ones because we end up at Hollister (my own personal hell!).

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